Welcome to The Dutch Hospital (Luxury. Lifestyle. Store), your destination for carefully curated collection of handmade and high quality interior decor and home accessories. 

At The Dutch Hospital (TDH), we help creating a home that mirror your personality and lifestyle which create the perfect canvas to showcase your own story. We constantly travel the world in search of new trends in home, gift and interior that we translate into exclusive products you can't find anywhere else. We combine exceptional quality classic and timeless design ideas to bring joy to any home with new pieces launching more often. We are often told by our customers that they'll find inspiration, excitement and all the ingredients they need to transform their decorating ideas into reality.

Our collection consist of two main categories. Baby & Child range launched in 2014 and Home & Living range added in 2016. TDH baby and child products (aka Old Toy Story) are made in UK from sustainably harvested solid wood. Our eco-friendly wooden blocks and hand printed wooden letters are a traditional and classic twist on kids heirloom collection. They are a great addition to any vintage toy collection, or just a nice item to have around the house as a pleasant memory of the good old days of childhood. Baby range also include our most popular vintage inspired nursery wall arts, wallpapers  and travel themed map decor design by us. We also have products we buy from European artisans such as hot air balloons and wooden wall maps.

The success of TDH home and living range is based on many elements from finding unique and exuberant home interior - design high quality bespoke products - carefully curate interesting and rare mix of collection, and making the customer’s experience unique and memorable, keep the shop and the website ever changing and diverse. 

In addition, we offer fine antiques, restoration furniture, made to order upholstery, range with a carefully selected range of high end fabrics and full design service from complete home overhauls to single room renovations. 

We are often asked why do we call us "The Dutch Hospital". In 1640, The Dutch East India Company, VOC obtained the port of GalleCeylon (Sri Lanka), from the Portuguese and broke the latter's monopoly of the cinnamon trade. The company ruled the coast of Ceylon from 1640 to 1796, where they built many Dutch-style buildings and structures that exist to this day. 

Built as a hospital by the Dutch, the Old Dutch Hospital, is one of the oldest buildings in the Colombo and Galle Fort area dating back to the Dutch colonial era in Sri Lanka. The building reflects seventeenth-century Dutch colonial architecture and has been used for several different purposes, over the years. 

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Anjali Wanigasuriya and her husband co-founded The Dutch Hospital. Anjali is a designer and visionary for all design projects whereas, her husband help her with management side of the business.  Anjali is a history buff, who has a deep interest in colonial buildings and architectural restoration, historical period drama and documentaries, chose the brand name The Dutch Hospital that is most meaningful to her work and family.

As a small, independent business with a passion for a perfect interior and lifestyle products, The Dutch Hospital opened their doors in the Autumn of 2014 as a family owned and run business located in beautiful county of Buckinghamshire in England. With over 15 years of experiences in the design world, Anjali holds degrees in fashion design, fashion business management and innovation management in the design industry. She founded The Dutch Hospital, after honing her skills while working for some of the top apparel firms in the United Kingdom and South Asia. As a designer and founder, her passion for love of colours, mixing tradition and patterns with modern design ideas and ability to mix West with East showcase eclectic inspired decor, accessories, and "one-of-a-kind" products we sell.   

In May 2019, The Dutch Hospital opened Milton Keynes’s most distinctive interiors and decoration shop in Midsummer Place (former intu Milton Keynes) shopping centre.