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Dinosaur Figure, Tyrannosaurus T-Rex, 35cm

SKU: NN066

Dinosaur Figure, Tyrannosaurus T-Rex, 35cm

SKU: NN066
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The Prehistoric Period –  Ever since they were first identified in the 1800s, dinosaurs have sparked the imagination of kids and adults alike.

Explore the history of world's most beloved dinosaurs and human evolution and find out how natural fossils and ammonite were born almost about 66 million years ago.

Named the “king of the tyrant lizards,” T. rex was built to rule. It was one of the most ferocious predators to ever walk the Earth. With a massive body, sharp teeth, and jaws so powerful they could crush a car, this famous carnivore dominated the forested river valleys in western North America during the late Cretaceous period, 68 million years ago. 

• Beautiful carved small Tyrannosaurus figure
• Freestanding on table top 
• Made of resin

Length 33cm


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